Made you think.

I swung by the pharmacy to fill a prescription.
A simple, routine experience.
But this time around it made me think.
And that's not a good thing, at least not for them.
Here's what happened.
The price of my meds increased almost five-fold.
And that shock woke me up from my happy trance.
From my preconceived notions, my beliefs.
So now I'm thinking.
But not about the price or the retail outlet.
I'm now considering my pill-popping regimen.
We are of three minds.
An intuitive, “feeling” mind.
The one that's looking for trouble and stimulation, and which directs our attention.
An analytical, “thinking” mind.
The deliberate and skeptical one that takes that attention and tries to evaluate our circumstances and choices.
And a "believing" mind.
A strange and powerful mixture of both feeling and thinking.
The one that ultimately makes our decisions and keeps us on autopilot.
My believing mind is now spinning out of control.
Because someone startled my feeling mind.
And set my thinking mind on a journey.
One of research, discovery and, inevitably, rationalization.
Because the decision, like most, is not black and white.
There are strong opinions on each side of the debate.
Just like for all choices in our age of abundance.
So what will I decide to do?
I'm still not sure.
But I kind of wish they had let my sleeping belief lie.