The Stroop effect and you.

The Stroop effect has fascinated psychologists for years.
Because no one can quite figure out what's going on.
You may have experienced it.
If not, here's your chance.
Below are two lists of colored words.
Don't read the words aloud.
Instead, announce the color of each word as quickly as you can.
Here goes.
Green Red Blue Purple Blue Purple
Pretty easy, huh?
Now do it again.
Blue Purple Red Green Purple Green
Slowed you down a bit.
But why?
There are many hypotheses.
But the implications are clear.
What we automatically "know" interferes with what we're trying to "understand."
So what?
Here's what.
People will automatically judge you based on what they already "know."
And not just about you, but about lots of things.
Interference is inherent in perception.
So do you know what they know, what they believe?
And do you understand how that may interfere with their impression of you, of your brand.
Also, it's hard for us to suppress the known while we're processing the new.
Are your present beliefs interfering with your ability to see and embrace the future?
Are they slowing you down or tripping you up?
The Stroop test is quite amusing.
But what it reveals about us, and the ramifications for our aspirations, most certainly is not.