Daily wisdom for troubled times

Tom Peters and I had a fun exchange a while back that I think is worth sharing again during these challenging and stressful times.  He wrote:

Daily Wisdom for Troubled Times

Get up earlier.
Go to bed later.
Work harder.
Finish what you start.
Learn one new thing.
Renew one contact.
Ask, "How can I help you?" at least once.
Make yourself visible.
Be of good cheer.
Catch a break.
Or not.
Repeat tomorrow.

I commented:

Sleep in tomorrow.
Take a walk in the woods.
Don't try to figure out a damn thing.
Make a whistle from an acorn top.
Say, "You are very lucky. Be at peace." At least a dozen times.
Be invisible.
Be of open heart.
Catch a fish.
Or not.
Repeat weekly.

He responded:

"Brilliant! Combine both = Dynamite?  Presumably the two lists could be used together. I think so."

I think so, too.

Have a great weekend. Recharge your spirit and reignite your passion for the possible.