The branding space needs its own Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

That's just one notion that sprung from my recent CMO 2.0 conversation with Francois Gossieaux. Some others included:

  • How Drucker's motto that business is marketing never materialized;
  • The importance of the last transaction on brand perception;
  • How the expectations that we have from brands has soared;
  • The role (or lack thereof) of ad agencies in meaning making;
  • How engagement is not the same as sustained attention;
  • The resistance of middle management to cultural changes; 
  • Ways to change corporate cultures that do not involve a near-death experience; and
  • The importance of finding meaning at work and being able to bring passion to it.

Most of my work is with executives of large organizations, and their teams, so I am grateful to Francois, co-author of the award-winning book "The Hyper-Social Organization," for inviting me to share my views with his audience of Chief Marketing and Information Officers.

You can read a summary and listen to our discussion in full at this link: CMO 2.0 Conversations. I'd love to hear your thoughts.