Lily Tomlin on stress

"Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it. " just published ten ways for CEO's to cut back on stress. See if you can detect the obvious problem with this list:

  1. Find An Outlet - A hobby, like fishing
  2. Get A Massage - And light a candle
  3. Get Your Zs - Sleep helps
  4. Have A Sense Of Humor - Lighten up, dude
  5. Lead A Healthy Lifestyle - Exercise and eat well
  6. Have An Understanding Spouse Or Partner - Manage the situation
  7. Learn How To Delegate - Let it go
  8. Make Money - Money calms many worries
  9. Meditate - It's not just for Buddhist monks
  10. Schedule Vacations - And then take them

Do you see the problem?  Exactly!  It doesn't deal with what's causing the stress. Here's my list (and Forbes? Perhaps you folks should switch from business to alternative medicine.):

  1. Be passionate - About how your work improves people's lives
  2. Be clear - About precisely how you provide that value
  3. Stay focused - On what customers truly care about
  4. Communicate unceasingly - Your passion, vision and strategy
  5. Stay tuned in - To the rapid and endless changes in today's marketplace
  6. Be kind - If you want your people to be kind
  7. Stop lying - To your people, shareholders, customers and, especially, yourself
  8. Trust others - Which is not the same as telling them what to do (see #7 above)
  9. Give back - To customers, employees, the needy, and the environment
  10. Take risks - Brand is a verb, not a noun